Maybe too late, maybe never too late…

I don’t get this entire discussion in Germany. Every single guy I have fucked from the US, OZ or elsewhere was circumcised. Not for religious reasons, but just because its the way things go….Like we baptise our kids here without asking them….

Its nice, clean and feels great. For the both of them. Lets break it down to a human discussion rather than a religious bullshit thing.

Big deal? Not in any other country but here. People do follow their traditions without asking for reasons. Only we have to ask for a spiritual reason. Bollocks. 

Let parents decide. Parents alone.

~ von sexcapaden - Oktober 30, 2012.

Eine Antwort to “Beschneidung”

  1. Das Thema Beschneidung wird wohl nie vergehen. Persönlich halte ich zwar nicht viel davon, kann aber gleichzeitig auch verstehen, dass in der Religion sowas einfach normal ist, leider..

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